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Manual Osteopathic Treatment

initial assessment/treatment: 

60 MIN/ $146

90 MIN/ $211

120 MIN/ $281

follow up:

30 MIN/ $89

60 MIN/ $146

*90 MIN/ $211 

Manual osteopathy is a hands on therapy which address the root cause of imbalances within the body. Overtime these imbalances can lead to pain, injury, and illness. Through a variety of techniques, manual osteopathy restores the body's function, ultimately eliminating any associated pain. A combination of soft tissue therapies, muscle energy, cranial therapy, visceral, and mobilization techniques will be used throughout the treatment. Though mainly associated with treating chronic pain, manual osteopathy has many benefits for our overall health. Many individuals seek osteopathic care for wellness purposes and preventative maintenance.

*follow up appointments (90 minutes) include soft tissue therapies (massage techniques) to help facilitate blood flow to the treated area

*Full massage therapy treatments currently only offered in Alberta

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