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Why do I offer massage in my manual osteopathy sessions?


Our bodies are absolutely amazing for they have the ability to heal themselves. Our bodies inform us about what feels good and what doesn’t in our everyday lives. We sometimes just forget to listen. When you come in for an appointment, I concentrate on what your body is telling me, and base the style of manual osteopathy on your specific needs. Most people need/want a massage, so I try my best to commit 45-60 minutes of the 90 minute appointment to soft tissue therapies (massage). Every appointment is designed specifically for the individual patient.


Massage therapy is an alternative healthcare practice that many people understand. When you think of getting a massage you most likely become excited. With massage you’re relieving the tension that could contribute to the aches and pains in which you’re feeling. What if if told you that both massage and manual osteopathy deal with soft tissues of the body. Most people are unaware that during a massage therapy session techniques of manual osteopathy could be used. Many of these techniques are what progress the healing process within our bodies. But many people are unaware of what manual osteopathy is. So let me explain.


Manual osteopathy is a treatment for both PAIN and WELLNESS. Its form of healing dates back to 1892 as a successful healing art. There are many techniques that overlap with massage therapy in which manual osteopaths use. These techniques along with many others help to align the imbalances within the body.


When you come in for an initial assessment, we will go over your health history intake form you filled previous to our session. During this time we might take a look at your posture, gait, range of motion, perform palpation skills, or special orthopedic tests. This initial assessment is crucial so that I am able to allocate the proper time to the techniques needed for your healing journey.


Following the assessment we move onto joint mobilization. “This form of treatment involves the passive movement of specific joints by means of a qualified application of force, direction, and technique.” These techniques are designed to relieve pain and tension within the body, eliminate muscle spasms and improve flexibility within a joint.


After joint mobilization we will move onto muscle energy techniques. These techniques are active techniques performed by both the manual therapist and the patient. Here the patient is using their muscles own energy to offer a gentle isometric contraction to help relax the muscles followed by a stretch performed by the therapist. What are the benefits? These techniques help to improve local circulation, strengthen weak muscles, reduce pain/muscle tone, and stretch tight muscles which increase range of motion. The theory behind muscle energy techniques is, “if a joint is not used to its full range of motion, its function will lessen and its will be at risk of suffering strains and injuries.”


Though these are the main techniques I use, each individuals needs are different, and I may offer different styles and techniques.


Following muscle energy techniques, I will leave the room to wash up. During this time you will get undressed to your comfort level so we can perform a massage. The massage doesn’t just entail the specific joints in which I treated, but the surrounding muscles, joints, and connective tissues. The body has eleven systems that work together to perform its everyday tasks. Working many of the muscles that work together to perform a task in my mind is crucial.




During our sessions I am continuously working different areas of your body so that you can leave feeling better then when you came in.


If you’re in need of a massage, come in and get a manual osteopathy session. I am registered through ACMA association and am accepted through most extended healthcare plans. A receipt will be given with my association number and you can get reimbursed through your extended healthcare provider. I have received my massage therapy diploma and love offering massage related care.


You can find my booking site at:


I am working out of Nakusp Integrated Health (PO Box 97, 87 3rd Ave SW, Nakusp, BC, V0G 1R0) on Saturdays from 9am- 7:30pm. Currently I have availability on the 14th and 28th of October.


Hope to see you Saturday,



Sincerely Kassandra De Rudder

                                                                                              -October 11th, 2023


Full Massage Therapy Treatments currently only offered in Alberta. Manual Osteopathic Treatments of 90 minutes include soft tissue therapy (massage). 

                                                                                              -August 31st, 2023


Manual Osteopathy coming October 2023.

-August 29, 2023

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